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All That's New - Advertising Opportunities


Ad Closing Date Issue Publication
Dec. 15th January
March 15th April
June 15th July
September 15th October

PRICING - B&W or Color Member Rates Non Member Rates
Quarterly Newsletter, 300dpi PDF submission    
½ Page (7.5” w x 4.875”h) $150.00 $225.00
¼ Page (3.625”w x 4.875”h) $100.00 $175.00
Flyer Insert: (circulation 350)    
Insert Flyer one sided
printed by MWFA (digital file provided by advertiser)
$300.00 $375.00
Insert Flyer two sided
printed by MWFA (digital file provided by advertiser)
$375.00 $450.00
Insert Flyer- one sided(heavier than sheet of 20lb. paper.
Includes card stock and folded sheets)
$375.00 $450.00
Quarterly Ads quarter pg size
(216 pixels x 350 pixels 72dpi, rgb)
$250.00 NA
Banner Ad per quarter
(800 pixels wide x 110 pixels h/72dpi)
$250.00 NA

MWFA prefers ads be submitted in camera ready digital format or PDF files.

If Quark Xpress, Photoshop or Illustrator files are submitted, ads should be high resolution with fonts and graphics included. We will assist in set up or design of ads; additional costs incurred will be billed to advertiser.

Ads, per issue, will be limited. Ads will be sold on a first come, first serve basis.

Call 847-438-8338 or e-mail: mwfa@mwfa.net to reserve your ad space!