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About Us - Past Presidents

Howard Langdon/Langdon Industrial Supply
Manny Slutzky/Active Screw Company
Ly Nathan/Industrial Supply Co.
Al Granat/Active Screw Co.
Marty Binder/Abbott Screw Co.
Marshall Simon/Keen Screw Co.
Fred Aufrecht/Industrial Distributing
Arne Henriksen Sr./Anchor Bolt & Screw
Dick Binder/Abbott  Screw Co.
Dave Schandling/Champion Screw Co.
Nick Couzins/Mid-Continent Screw Co.
Ed McGorry/American Cold Heading
Norman Tash/Homan Fasteners
Al Amado/Lewis Screw Co.
Bob Pataky/Komar Screw Co.
Joe Spiegel/National Threaded Fastener
Bob Obeler/Mid-Continent Screw Co.
Craig Cohn/Lewis Screw Company
Ralph Rielly/Champion Screw Company
Ed Schneider/Bell Screw Company
Lee Nitschke/Champion Screw Company
Nick Weiss/Federal Screw Company
Arne Henriksen Jr./Anchor Bolt & Screw
George Durham/Jet Fastener
Bernie Gladstone/Romard Northwest
Ron Sackheim/XL Screw Corp.
Don Leese/Darling bolt Co.
Ken Ozaniec/Cronin Fasteners
Jim Summins/XL Screw Corp.
Arnie Henriksen/Engineered Components
Bill Lang Sr./Certified Products
Don Nowak/Hoyt Fastener
Alina Agresto/Delta Secondary
Wally Olczak/Fabsco Corp.
Mark Novak/Interplex Co.
Wally Olczak/Fabsco Corp.
Tom Blakley/Brighton-Best
Kevin Kaihara/World Washer & Stamping
Henry Chernow/Mecom Industries
Thomas Anderson/Vertex Fasteners
Henry Chernow/MultiTech
Thomas Anderson/Action Threaded Products
Bob O’Brien/Certified Products
David Gawlik/Stelfast Inc.
Rich Pease/Federal Screw Products
Becky Russo/American Fasteners and Components
Matt Delawder/SWD Inc.
Rich Cavoto, Metric & Multistandard Components Corp.
Bob Baer/Abbott-Interfast
Wayne Wishnew/XL Screw Corp.